What are Aquasoles Insoles designed to do?

Aquasoles are fluid filled insoles that have five primary benefits and a long list of secondary benefits. The insoles are designed to cushion, massage, absorb shock, give arch support, and increase circulation.

What do Aquasoles Insoles feel like when you are wearing them?

Our customer responses are the best way to describe what our insoles feel like.  Customers say:  “I feel like I am walking on Jell-O” , “It’s like a water bed for my feet” , I Feel like I am walking on soft sand without the wetness.” 

Will my feet get hot wearing Foot Relief Insoles?

The softness of our top liner helps keeps your feet from building up heat from friction especially when you sweat.

What are the insoles filled with?

Every Foot Relief Insole is filled with pure food grade glycerin also known as glycerol or glycerine. This thick clear liquid is water soluble and creates a nice even layer of comfort under the foot when pressure from body weight is applied.

How long will the insoles last?

3 Years

How long is the warranty?

Aquasoles insoles come with a one year standard warranty or a two year warranty against defects.

How long will the massaging action last?

The massaging action will never go away, however; your feet will become accustomed to the motion of the liquid within a few days of wearing them.  The insole will stretch and conform to your foot giving the massaging action of the liquid a more balanced feel.

How thick are the insoles?

The insoles are approximately 1/8″ thick when the liquid glycerin is evenly dispersed, but don’t be fooled into thinking they are not thick enough. That is the biggest misconception people make when considering liquid filled insoles. Nurses, Doctors, Delivery Men, Retail, and Construction Workers would not continue to buy them if they did not work!

Can the Insoles be worn with sandals and flip flops?

Yes, the insoles can be worn with sandals or flip flops.

Felt an instant difference when these insoles were in my shoes! What a relief!

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